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We are a STEAM learning ecosystem comprised of a network of diverse collaborators from education, technology, science, the arts and business sectors in British Columbia, working together to ensure all learners have equal access to educational resources and opportunities.


  • To increase STEAM literacy by connecting, growing and unleashing the power of BC’s  STEAM learning ecosystem.


  • Within 5 years STEAM Ecosystem BC will be available to every learner in BC.


  • Equity: We believe every learner has the capacity to be successful given access to the right resources and support.
  • Inclusion: We are strengthened by the diversity of our community  and the inclusion all community voices, including traditional Indigenous knowledge.
  • Collaboration: We believe collaboration is the best pathway to achieving the goals of individuals and organizations.
  • Opportunity: We believe in providing inspirational opportunities to learners to develop their 21st Century Skills.


STEAM EcosystemBC will focus on three key impacts:

  • Dramatically increase the number of qualified STEAM mentors in BC – from teachers and scientists to technologists and entrepreneurs
  • Connect mentors and youth within communities through networking opportunities, from classroom visits and on-site shadowing to volunteering and paid internships
  • Host a digital hub to interweave these communities, host a library of learning resources and connect children and youth to the spectrum of available educational opportunities

Map of our Members: