About Us

STEAM Ecosystem BC Association is a non-profit, community-led response to accelerate the growth of STEAM literacy in British Columbia. This growing collaborative network brings together organizations across multiple sectors (industry, education, government, business, non-profits) that provide access to learning and resources in our communities.

Check out the Regional STEAM Ecosystem BC Hub in your area to get involved, or for more information about STEAM Ecosystem BC events and resources.

If you are interested in becoming a participant in the STEAM Ecosystem conversation, please consider joining us as a STEAM Ecosystem BC member.

STEAM Ecosystem BC – Board of Directors

Chair: Jo-Ann Coggan (BIG Little Science Centre)
Vice-Chair: Lauren Hudson (Ocean Networks Canada)
Secretary: Tobias Blaskovits (Central Okanagan Public Schools)
Treasurer: Wesley Wong (Open Science Networks)
Director-at-large: Dennis Crabtree (Friends of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory)
Director-at-large: Kim Gough (Royal BC Museum)
Director-at-large:   Olivia New (STEM Aces)
Director-at-large:   Rebecca McCullough (WWEST)
Director-at-large: Sandy Eix (Science World and Science, Technology Awareness Network )